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Healthy Food & Children

Grow 2 Thrive Costa Rica

Grow 2 Thrive was created to provide agricultural and husbandry education and experience for rescued and rehabilitating child victims of sex and organ trafficking and to provide fresh produce, meat, and eggs to organizations that serve in the rescue and rehabilitation of these children.


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Their Story Led to Our Story

We were stunned when we started to really research the business of child sex and organ trafficking.  At first, we began supporting organizations with our prayers and finances to help them rescue and rehabilitate these precious children.  After a year, we realized we had to do more because more services were required to help the ever-growing number of victimized children.  This is what led us to undertake this project.  We are not equipped to rescue or rehabilitate these children, but we do have years of experience in health and wellness, education, and business. This project allows us to serve older children through academic, agricultural and entrepreneurial training.  We will also provide fresh food for our partner organization, ThriveVision and others.

Grow 2 Thrive will be located on 50 acres in the beautiful fertile mountainous area near Agua Buena in Coto Brus, Costa Rica.   The farm was a coffee plantation in the late 80’s so the soil is rich and fertile for growing food.  The area is a perfect temperature of 15 – 25 degrees, year round.  The regular rainfall and temperate temperature permits year-round growing.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners

ICDPRO is committed and dedicated to the economic development and well-being of Indigenous communities, world-wide.  

Grow 2 Thrive is the way in which we choose to give back and serve in a way that is not income-producing.  Grow 2 Thrive will create profits but the profits will be invested back into the property and the programs and partners Grow 2 Thrive supports and creates.

We recognize that poverty is just the absence of prosperity and we aim to help Indigenous children who have been rescued and rehabilitated from sex and organ trafficking to begin to build healthy bodies and incomes through agroforestry and permaculture businesses.  

We invite you to join us in this effort.  Imagine the impact we can have together in the lives of these children and in Indigenous communities in Costa Rica.

Thank you,

The Team at ICDPRO

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