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Indigenous Community Economic Development & Prosperity

A Strategic Future

Community & Economic Strategic Plans

Collaborative strategic planning between the Band and the Economic Development Corp. is the key to long-term prosperity and well-being.

Indigenous/Industry Partnerships

Indigenous Nations are at the core of Industry’s ability to move forward on projects within Indigenous territories.  We help create economic partnerships.

Indigenous/Government Relations

We help Indigenous communities navigate and secure  Federal and Provincial Government relationships and the full benefits due them.

What we do for you


Community Engagement

We ensure the voice of the community is heard and supported during the community and economic strategic planning process to ensure buy-in when the work begins. 


Industry Engagement

Our team of Industry engagement professionals will help navigate Industry relations and ensure strong economic deliverables for your community.


Government Engagement

We help find and secure the many Federal and Provincial Governments programs to assist Indigenous communities in community and economic development. 


Community Development

We help organize effective and efficient Indigenous community development to ensure all the needs of the community are addressed and taken care of. 


Economic Development

Our Team is well-experienced in Indigenous economic development, and we work to maximize your community’s economic opportunities, now and in the future.


Training & Employment

Our training programs prepare your community members for meaningful work and a prosperous lifestyle.  We work with Industry to secure training and jobs.

About Us

ICDPRO is 100% Indigenous-owned and -operated.  Our collective team has a combined experience of over 100 years in Indigenous community and economic development.  We have served over 30 Indigenous communities to help them move into more prosperity and improved well-being.  We have also worked with non-Indigenous organizations and governments.  Our experience in both sectors enables us to offer Indigenous communities the best of both worlds.

Industry Experience & Expertise

Oil & Gas

We may be moving toward a more “green” future, but oil and gas is still very much a going concern and will be for several decades.  Our experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry has served our clients very well. 


Indigenous equity partnerships with utility companies are growing.  Our Team know the in and outs of the utility industry and help Indigenous communities participate in ownership of the utilities that service their communities and territories.


Several of our Team have extensive experience working with mining companies in British Columbia.  Our experience in negotiating agreements has secured millions of dollars for our Indigenous partners.  

Supporting Businesses: JV's & Agreements

There are unlimited numbers of supporting businesses for oil and gas, utility, and mining companies. We help identify those opportunities and prepare your community to create businesses or JVs with existing businesses to fulfill capacity.

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Economic growth without investment in human development is unsustainable - and unethical.

— Amartya Sen

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